Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mariah Carey Unleashes "Beautiful" New Single

Mariah Carey has had some bumps along the road in her musical career. Her new single is not one of them. While her previous single "Almost Home" helped her regain the wheel after the crash that was last summer's "Triumphant (Get 'Em)," it's her new single the Miguel assisted "#Beautiful."
The song's worst trait is the hash tag in the title. The song starts slowly with Miguel singing over a nicely strummed guitar. "Hop on the back of my bike," he starts the song. A theme that Carey later picks up in the second verse. It's a brave move to start the song off with Miguel, the featured artist, but it works.
After Miguel sings the first verse and chorus Carey comes and takes control of the song. "I like when you run red lights/ Don't stop 'til you thrill me/ Oh, how you thrill me," Carey sings in the second verse.
The song is a gorgeous duet that mixes Carey's signature R&B and pop sound with a more Motown inspired beat. The song is an easy, breezy song that is sure to be the soundtrack of many a summer night.
The only issue with the song is the censorship. This is found in all of Carey's songs. She or the featured artists write profanity into the lyrics and then they are taken out. It may be a decision that the label makes but that is a bad one. Profanity can help enhance the meaning of the lyrics. While that isn't the case for this song, censorship is annoying. Britney Spears among others does this.
Other than that the song is amazing and is sure to get fans excited for her new album. Carey's fourteenth studio album has no release date or title but it's expected this year.

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