Monday, May 20, 2013

Charli XCX Stuns On Debut Album

Charli XCX is probably best known for her guest appearance on Icona Pop's perfect single  "I Love It." She also wrote the song and while most of the songs on her debut album True Romance, out last month, don't live up to that one track, they are great. The album lacks any bad songs and shows her interesting style.
The album's first single and stand out track "Stay Away" is by far a classic. Charli warns a lover against dating her. "I knew you were no angel/ But god, you're just electric blue," Charli sings during the second verse. The song is about Charli knowing better than to date somebody but doing so anyway.
Other highlights include the singles "You (Ha Ha Ha)" and "You're the One." On "You" Charli catches her lover lying and looks back on their time. "Cause we used to be the cool kids/ You were old school, I was on the new shit," Charli sings.
While most of the songs focus on breakups ("Black Roses," "How Can I") there are some club tracks ("Take My Hand") and even a nice love song ("Lock You Up"). However Charli stands out on her heartbreak songs.
True Romance is far from perfect, but there is promise. If Charli XCX's debut is this good, one can only imagine the classic songs she'll come up with next.

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