Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Falling In Reverse Get Weird On New Single

Falling In Reverse have been quietly recording the follow-up to their 2011 overrated debut album The Drug in Me Is You. The album was catchy and had one song that was actually good but the rest were filled with clich├ęd lyrics and annoying sing-songy melodies. The album's metalcore moments were great but the rest was cheesy hard rock mixed with pop-punk.
The lyrics of the album also had a very cocky, douchebag tone. "That's why they call me king of the music scene," singer Ronnie Radke sings on one song. The album was predominantly about Radke's "bad boy" ways and how he was "kicked out" of his previous band Escape The Fate. Everybody reading this knows the story of Radke and his legal troubles after leaving Escape The Fate after their debut album Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. In addition to troubles with his old band, Radke has also had beef with I See Stars in a very public battle. He even kicked fans of the band out of his concert tour in which they were supposed to open for.
Yesterday Falling In Reverse announced their new album and released their first single "Alone." The single features a dance beat and rapped vocals during the verses from Radke. The rapped verses feature some breakdowns and there are some harsh vocals and even a clean vocal chorus that is by far the best part of the song. There is also some Auto-Tune in the middle of the track. While the song is stupid, it isn't the worst thing they've done. Also, the song is catchy and as much as I've tried to I don't hate it.
The raps and verses are the main problem. Radke basically pats himself on the back the whole song. He raps about being rich. While he must have some cash, Ronnie Radke isn't so popular that he is rich. Nene Leakes you are not Mr. Radke.
"Fuck you bitches I'm a business/ I'll be kissing on your Mrs./ What you spend in 15 months is what I spend in 15 minutes," Radke raps during the second verse.
In the verses Radke is being a douchebag but in the verses he tries to be vulnerable. "Oh this is the end of everything that I've known/ No way of knowing if I'll ever be home/ And I don't ever wanna be alone," Radke sings during the chorus.
Continently this single was released a day after Radke's former band Escape The Fate streamed their fourth record Ungrateful, due out next week. It seems as though Radke and co. are trying to steal the spotlight away. While the single isn't as bad as it could have been, it's going to take a lot more than this to steal the light away from Escape The Fate and their new, great album. Fashionably Late, the second studio album by Falling In Reverse will be out June 18 on Epitaph.

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