Monday, July 28, 2014

Beartooth Release Heavy Debut Album

When Caleb Shomo was in Attack Attack! he mad great music but it wasn't the heaviest in the bunch. When they broke up he formed Beartooth which has very heavy music.
On Disgusting Beartooth have some heavy songs with very few clean vocals. "Beaten in Lips," the first single and one of the album's best songs has heavy verses with Shomo screaming and then a melodic chorus.
However more melodic moments like album highlight "In Between" and "Relapsing" go between clean vocals and harsh screams seamlessly. This is also a great success for Shomo and Beartooth. The chorus on "In Between" has got to be the album's most gorgeously sung chorus and melodic break form the aggressive album.
"Up on the mountain I see down below/ It's easy to lose yourself I know/ Can't hear what you're shouting, I'm deaf to your show/ It's easy to lose your self control/ Everybody gets high, everybody gets low/ Life can be such overdose/ Up on the mountain I see down below/ It's easy to lose yourself I know in the in between," Shomo sings during the chorus.
Other songs like "Dead" and "I Have a Problem" are nearly devoid of all clean vocals. This is also a good sound for the band. It goes to show that Shomo is an effective vocalist regardless of the style of singing in which he is performing.
The album's only attempt at anything near a ballad is "Sick and Disgusting." This song is the closing track and has a slow start. It features Shomo doing a more talk/scream/sing combo.
Beartooth are a good band but they're nothing compared to Attack Attack! That being said Disgusting is a good record and hopefully they continue to keep up with this sound and keep more good records coming.

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