Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mary J. Blige Releases Sluggish New Album

Mary J. Blige tried to pull a Beyoncé and announced the release of her twelfth album that just happened to be the soundtrack for the film Think Like a Man Too. While Beyoncé's album was great and experimental, Blige's new record is far from great.
Blige has always been known to make emotionally charged music. Usually she releases strong albums but this record seems thrown together. There are a few highlights that make this album somewhat worthwhile.
"A Night to Remember" is a funky cover of the 1982 hit single by Shalamar, This song kicks off the disc right. "Moment of Love" is a midtempo R&B song that discusses love and living in the moment. "See That Boy Again" is a funky R&B song that features Pharrell and is finding love in a club. First single "Suitcase" is the best song on the album and deals with a breakup. Blige has had it and she's packing up and leaving her lover.
"While you're trying to explain/ I'll be zipping up my suitcase," Blige sings during the chorus.
This song is a moment of strength and sass "Power Back" is a song that deals with taking back power in a relationship. "Vegas Nights" brings a hip hop soul sound with a guest appearance from The Dream. This song along with "Suitcase" recall Blige's former glory and make the listener sad that this album isn't better.
The rest of the songs are boing and not memorable. They all seem to blend in together.
This record is sure to be considered great by hardcore Blige fans but casual lovers of the singer may not be impressed. Hopefully after this misstep Blige's next record is a lot better and helps her regain her footing in the music world.

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