Monday, July 28, 2014

The Word Alive Keep It Real On New Album

The Word Alive have always been a very eclectic band. Their music combined metalcore along with post-hardcore and experimental metal. Their first two records had a more experimental sound. On Real, their third album, The Word Alive focus more on metalcore with experimental influences.
This album, unlike their previous records 2010's Deceiver and 2012's Life Cycles don't have as many filler songs. Every song on this record is memorable and good.
From the melodic moments like "Lighthouse" and second single "Broken Circuit" to heavier moments like third single "Glass Castle" and "Your Mirage," the band do it all.
This is mostly done with help from singer Telle Smith. Smith's vocals can go from screams to singing at the drop of a hat and he does so very well.
The album's two best songs are the closers. "To Struggle and Claw My Way" is a heavy song that deals with tackling haters and living life to it's fullest. "Collapsing" is a power ballad that recalls early Brand New, Taking Back Sunday and The Used. This song is gorgeous. Smith's clean vocals are great but his screams are really what steal the show on this track. They sound so emotional and painful and truly convey how broken he feels.
Another highlight is the album's opener and first single "Play the Victim." This song recalls past hits 'The Hounds of Anubis" and "Dragon Spell" off their first and second album's respectively.
Real is a great album and goes to show that The Word Alive are not going anywhere. They can keep growing and making great music.

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