Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cher Lloyd Matures On New Album

British singer Cher Lloyd rose to fame with her debut album, 2011's Sticks and Stones which spawned bratty hits such as "Swagger Jagger" and "Want U Back." While these songs were great her songs were a tad immature.
Then in September 2013 Lloyd released her single "I Wish" which features rapper T.I. The song featured a mature sound with Lloyd's signature sass. The single was followed by the grown up "Sirens" in March of this year and then in May her sophomore record Sorry I'm Late.
The album, unlike her debut is consistent but also has more mature songs. "Just Be Mine" which is one of the album's best songs is upbeat and wouldn't sound out of place on her debut but the lyrics speak of growth. Mike Posner also gets a writing credit on the song.
"Even though I'm wrong just be mine," Lloyd sings.
"Human" which is another one of the album's highlights and was written by singer LP shows Lloyd singing about how she's only human and nobody is perfect. "Sirens," the second single, also shows off Lloyd's mature side. "Sweet Despair," which was co-written by Beth Ditto of Gossip is another mature break up ballad.
Lloyd shows that she still knows how to get silly to good results. "Killin' It" is a party anthem while "Dirty Love" is all about sex. "M.F.P.O.T.Y." which stands for "Motherfucking Party of the Year." is a rock influenced song about going to the club with your friends and getting hit on by lame boys.
The album's best song is "Goodnight," an acoustic love ballad that is both gorgeous and touching.
Sorry I'm Late definitely improves on it's predecessor and shows that Lloyd will continue to grow and become one of pop's powerhouses.

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