Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Destiny Potato Finally Release Debut Album

It's been a while but I'm finally back. It's been a hectic month or so and I'm finally back to blog for you guys. I'm going to start with Destiny Potato and their debut album Lun. They make progressive metal with a pop twist and the outcome is grand.
The best thing about the band is Aleksandra Djelmas, the front woman with an amazing set of pipes and great screams. The rest of the band also compliment her well with the music.
The band are best when the music is heavy. "Indifferent," "Addict" and "Lost Dreams" are some of the best songs where the band let loose.
The band's melodic interludes "The Build Up" and "Machine" are both epic and help the listener take a breather.
The album's best song is definitely the first single "Love Song." It starts out with a folk inspired intro before going into some serious guitar riffs and melodic singing from Djelmas. The song begins with lyrics about lover who Djelmas will never let go of. By the bridge though she seems to change her tune.
"Screw you, Fuck you/ Hmmm... I hate you/ This time for real," Djelmas sings.
Other highlights include the electro-metal madness that is "U.Y.M." and nu-metal inspired "Take a Picture."
While there are no bad songs on the album the ballad "House of Lies" is boring and could be left out.
Lun is a great album and show that Destiny Potato have what it takes to become one of metal's powerhouses.

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