Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mariah Carey Is Not Elusive On New Album

Mariah Carey released her fourteenth studio album Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse in May. While the album has a few hiccups, it's mostly great.
The album opens strangely enough with the gospel influenced ballad "Cry." The song is a gorgeously sad breakup song that leads well into the next track "Faded." The midtempo R&B number is classic Mariah and features some killer pipes from the "chanteuse."
"Dedicated" features Nas and is all about the old school days.
"I'll just sit right her and sing that good old school shit to ya," Carey sings."
"#Beautiful." is up next. The album's first single which features Miguel is a nice soulful sound and is definitely one of the album's best songs. "Thirsty" is up next and is a hip hop leaning track that features lyrics about an ex lover who is thirsty for attention. This is also one of the album's best songs. Up next is "Make it Look Good." This song is a soulful track with harmonica from Stevie Wonder and it's great.
The album continues with the third single "You're Mine (Eternal)." This song is a decent song from Carey and sounds like it could be off any of her last few albums. It's nothing special but it's a good song all in all. Next up is the fourth single "You Don't Know What to Do," which is a disco track that features Wale. This song is a fun danceable break from the more hip hop and R&B leaning tracks.
The next track is "Supernatural" which features Carey's children under the moniker "Dem Babies." The song is kind of sappy but cute at the same time. Carey is added to the list of singers like Beyoncé and P!nk who have had their children on songs.
"Meteorite" continues Carey's descent into disco. It's a catchy song and should be a single if Carey's label has any sense. "Camouflage" is an unnecessary ballad that I really don't remember much about. "Money" features Fabolous and is a great song that recalls Carey's early music. "One More Try" is a George Michael cover and is a decent ballad and Carey really makes it her own. The album closes with "Heavenly (No Ways Tired / Can't Give Up Now)" which is a gospel song that is a tribute to Reverend James Cleveland.
The deluxe edition bonus tracks include two songs that were on Carey's last album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. "It's a Wrap" which features Mary J. Blige." The song really wasn't much to write home about but Blige's new vocals really add to the song. "Betcha Gon' Know" features new verses written and performed by R. Kelly. This song was better without Kelly's vocals but it is still a decent remix. The album's other bonus track is the album's second single and former title track "The Art of Letting Go." The song is another gospel inspired song that deals with a breakup. The song starts out with a piano but halfway through the breakdown kicks in with guitars and percussion. The song is great and should have been more successful as a single than it was.
Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse is not Carey's best album but it is an amazing comeback after a five year break. Here's to Mimi reclaiming her crown.

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