Wednesday, April 25, 2012

For All Those Sleeping release new single

One of post-hardcore's hottest new acts For All Those Sleeping released their new single "Mark My Words" today. The song is your average post-hardcore/metalcore hybrid that has been so popular as of late. Something about the way the band do it just works though. "You're fucked now!" screamer Jerad Pierskalla shouts at the beginning. The song is about a relationship gone wrong and how the protagonist will be much better off without his ex. With "hardcore" screamed verses and clean sung choruses this song has been done a million times before in terrible ways but this song just has a vibe about it that makes it an instant jam. The band's debut album Cross Your Fingers came out in 2010 and it mixed post-hardcore with pop-punk and while it had it's share of good songs, it was only a decent album. Their best song "Favorite Liar" off of that album is still good two years later and their Taylor Swift cover off of Punk Goes Pop 4 was phenomenal so with this fantastic new single, hopefully their second album Outspoken will be as good as this single is. Outspoken comes out June 19th on Fearless Records. Below is a video of the new single.

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