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Kittie concert review, 4/10/2012

PHOTO:Juan DeLosAngeles
The is my first concert review. I'm going to go through each band and give them  rating from 1 to 10. One being shittastic and 10 being fantastic.
Kittie kicked off their latest tour two nights ago in Poughkeepsie N.Y. The show featured support from tour mates Blackguard and Bonded by Blood as well as support from local bands, Necroptic Engorgement and Mythology. The Agonist were unable to play because they were held up by visa issues at the Canadian/United States border. Besides Kittie, this is the other main band I wanted to see. Better luck next time. The band will rejoin the tour on April 19.
Necroptic Engoregement
PHOTO:Juan DeLosAngeles
The opening band Mythology(2/10), where a black metal band from New York state. While I'm not a fan of black metal, I'll be honest it scares me to death, there were at least six people in the crowd that were digging it. I can't hate on something I know little about but I'm not a fan of it. I'm sure to somebody Mythology was a 10/10...this blogger is not that person.
Next up was Necroptic Engorgement(4/10), this death metal/grindcore band were pretty decent. They had a good stage presence and the crowd seemed to love them. They had a good energy and good musicianship.
Moving on to Bonded by Blood(5/10), these thrash metallers rocked the house, too bad that every song sounded the same. They all were good at what they did, I just wasn't a fan of what they did. Variety is the spice of life fellas, so try different things.
The final opening act was Blackguard(7/10), while Kittie and The Agonist's fellow Canadians have all similar sounding music just like Bonded by Blood, their stage presence was stellar. After only knowing one song I will definitely check more of their music out.
PHOTO: Juan DeLosAngeles
PHOTO: Juan DeLosAngeles
Now onto the main attraction. Kittie(9/10), despite a few chord mistakes Kittie were flawless. Clearly being a band since 1999 and touring rigorously is good practice. The band featured newly returned bassist Trish Doan. Doan played on the band's amazing fourth record Funeral For Yesterday. She then left the band to tackle personal demons such as an eating disorder. She rejoined the group two months ago, not having ever played anything from In The Black or the band's sixth and latest album I've Failed You. The 45 minute long set included 13 songs. Songs played ranged from "Spit," the title track off of their debut album to newer songs like "My Plague" and "We Are The Lamb." The only other issue with their set was that they didn't stop between songs, often segueing from one song to another leaving the listener confused as to what song it was. When a band has six albums and around 70 songs, even hardcore fans can get confused.

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