Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Madonna's new album doesn't get the credit that it deserves

Madonna released her twelfth studio album, MDNA at the end of last month and it has been getting bad press ever since. The album has gotten decent reviews but the album hasn't been selling that well. Despite the two singles not getting any radio airplay and there being very little promotion. Her album debuted at the number one spot and it is now still sitting pretty at the number eight spot on the Billboard album chart. The album dropped 86.7% in it's second week. The album beat out the record previously set by Lady Gaga with her second album Born This Way which dropped 84.28% just last year.
MDNA may not be Madonna's greatest album but it's fucking fantastic, especially when looking back at her last album Hard Candy. The album featured Timbaland production and wasn't too memorable. While MDNA is not Ray of Light, it still is her best album since 2006's Confessions on a Dancefloor.
MDNA is however an enjoyable release. From the in your face attitude of "I Don't Give A..." which features Nicki Minaj to the soaring ballad "Falling Free" the album doesn't have a truly horrible song. Some highlights include "Gang Bang" which is a dark dance song about shoot her lover in the head, complete with lots of crazy whispering and a dubstep breakdown, this song is like an old school Madonna song mixed with new pop music. Other highlights include the "Beautiful Stranger" flashback of "I'm A Sinner" to the catchy dance breakdowns of "I"m Addicted," to the Golden Globe winning song "Masterpiece." This album is by far one of the best albums of the year and should be getting more attention. While the airwaves are taken over by musicians that can't hold a candle to the legend that is Madonna. This album needs to get the credit that is due to it.

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