Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lisa Marie Presley Makes Comeback On New Single

Lisa Marie Presley is known for many things, being a credible musician is rarely one of them. She's known for being the only child of Elvis Presley and for marrying weirdos like Nicolas Cage and Michael Jackson, but her music isn't as well known. She's had two albums 2003's To Whom It May Concern and 2005's Now What and a hit single("Lights Out," her first single ever got a little bit of radio airplay and it was even on Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 13).
During her seven year absence from the music world not many people noticed, but she's back with her third album, Storm & Grace which is to be released on May 15. Her first single is called "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" and the title is true.
While her first two albums had a more pop-rock sound which mixed the attitude of Kelly Clarkson and P!nk with the adult contemporary leanings of Sheryl Crow or newer Liz Phair, her new record will focus on southern rock. The song is a soft rocking yet captivating piece with lyrics like "Am I a disruption to your corruption? You ain’t seen nothing yet."
This song may not make Lisa Marie Presley a pop music phenomena but it will definitely attract an audience to her. Let's hope that after this ablum Lisa Marie is back and here to stay and that it won't take her seven years to follow this record up.
Below a video of her new single.

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