Monday, April 16, 2012

New Halestorm album, The Strange Case of...awesome

Halestorm had a rough ride to the top of the hard rock world. Eventually in 2009 they released their self titled album and the world would never rock the same again. The album had fast paced rock songs about sex, along with slow jams about, well, sex. Part of what makes Halestorm such a great band is their kick ass attitude and front woman Lzzy Hale's powerful voice, that voice is part of what makes this such a great band. So now the band is back with their new album The Strange Case of..., which brings more of the same thing Halestorm is known for. There are loud guitars and epic notes hit by Hale.
The lyrics are a little better and few of them actually depart from the topic of sex. From the soft rocking "Beautiful With You" to the song Glee made famous, "Here's to Us," both of which have Hale singing with some emotion that isn't brought about by what's between her legs. Some songs get a little weird, like "Rock Show" which is about how it feels to be in the audience at a rock concert and "In Your Room" which talks about Hale wants her lover to reveal all of the secrets in his room. The later is cheesy beyond believe and doesn't mesh well with the other songs on the album.
The only issue with the album is all of the profanity. While a little profanity is good, sometimes the band use it too much on their new album. Especially on "Here's To Us" and "You Call Me A Bitch Like It's A Bad Thing." All in all the new album is a small step up from Halestorm and it's one wild ride.

Below is the video for the first single "Love Bites (So Do I)"

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