Monday, April 9, 2012

An open letter to Chantal Claret

Many of you may remember Chantal Claret as the lead singer of the dance/rock/punk/metal/anything you could think of band, Morningwood. After the band broke up last year they played a goodbye tour, opening for Mindless Self Indulgence. Well this past week she released her first solo EP, The Pleasure Seeker. It went from the loud rock sound of Morningwood to a very 1960s soul-pop sound. While Chantal's EP is quite good, she's no Amy Winehouse or V.V. Brown. Chantal, instead of making music your only good at you should return to what you're amazing at. Sassy, dancy, rock songs with catchy choruses that get stuck in heads for days to come. Morningwood were an amazing band and they never got the credit that they were due. While they had some success after their single "Best of Me" was used as the theme song to the VH1 show Daisy of Love and their single "Nth Degree" was used in many movies and commercials, they never really hit it big. That was a huge oversight on the part of the world and maybe if Morningwood made a stellar third album, you could probably have a hugely successful and hit-filled career. Please don't give up on such an amazing project. You guys put 10 years into it and it's a shame to see it all thrown away. Please change your minds and reunite. We need you. Below is the first video off of Chantal's EP for the single "Pop Pop Bang Bang," followed by the video Morningwood's single and best song ever, "Sugarbaby."

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