Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Neon Trees grow on second record

Dance-rock darlings Neon Trees released their second album , Picture Show, a week ago and it's a clear improvement from their first album Habits. The album featured their single "Animal" but other than that there were no other truly memorable songs on it. This record has no bad songs. The band are leaning more toward their pop side but that isn't a bad thing.
The song "Mad Love," which is the best song on the album is a duet between hunky frontman Tyler Glenn and drummer/vocalist Elaine Bradley. The song is a new wave, 80s inspired dance party, featuring lyrics about two sides of a relationship.
One of the other standout sings is called "Hooray For Hollywood." This rocker is about the downside of the celebrity lifestyle. In the middle of the song he names stars who have moved on from Britney Murphy to Whitney Houston (R.I.P. GIRL!).
While there are many mid tempo songs like "Trust" and "Still Young," it's the more fast paced songs like "Teenage Sounds" and "Moving In The Dark" that will have the listener enthralled and on their feet the entire time.
This album just goes to show that Neon Trees deserve every ounce of success they've received and that the best is yet to come.

Below is the video for the first single "Everybody Talks."

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