Thursday, May 3, 2012

Abandon All Ships song

Abandon All Ships have released the first single off their sophomore record, Infamous due to be released on July 3, 2012. The first single and title track was released on Tuesday and it is kind of strange. Something about the screamed verses doesn't resonate well with the song in addition to the lyrics being pure shit.
"Born and raised original. You're just TV typical. You think I'm just a gimmick? From east to west you pussies mimic.Right now's our time, and all I fucking know,is this city, throw it up,Toronto," the bands guidotastic unclean vocalist Angelo Aita screams in the first verse. The song is obviously meant to be about how the band has haters and how they're keeping it real.
The only good part of the song is clean vocalist Martin Broda's auto-tuned chorus. He sounds good, with the help of technology. The other weird part about the song is the tiger growls in the song. What the hell is that? The metalcore/electronica sound of the song sounds justs like anything that could be on an album by any "hardcore" band out there.
The band's first album Geeving was an interesting assortment of songs. There were angry songs about break ups that featured inappropriate lyrics such as "put the south in your mouth and swallow," or "we don't give a fuck we just came to party," yet the band also had songs like "Take One Last Breath" which has very religious lyrics. But while that album was full of fun this new single isn't fun at all.
This song isn't made any better by the guest appearance of a rapper named A-Game, whose rap isn't great and he looks like a wannabe B.o.B. The video for the song doesn't help any, clearly trying to be a mock of hip-hop videos but it just comes off looking like a cheap imitation.
Basically this song makes me sad. Sad that a band I greatly enjoy now sucks. Hopefully the rest of the record won't sound anything like this. Below is the video, I'm sorry for showing you this. Watch it if you dare.

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