Friday, May 4, 2012

A+ to B.o.B on his new album

Rapper B.o.B released his second album this week. The record is called Strange Clouds and just like his debut album, 2010's B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray it is phenomenal. B.o.B has always had weird collaborators like Rivers Cuomo from Weezer, Bruno Mars and Haley Williams from Paramore on his first record to Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift and Morgan Freeman on his second...yes Morgan Freeman.
Many songs on the album feature dubstep and rock influenced tracks. From the rocking "Bombs Away" which features a spoken intro and interlude from Morgan Freeman to the dubstep oriented "Strange Clouds." A loft of the songs have a very emotional tone. "Circles" discusses B.o.B being hooked on a girl who doesn't care about him at all while "So Hard To Breathe" is a soulful rock song about the pressures of being famous.
The best song and oddest collaboration on the album is the future single "Both of Us" which features Taylor Swift. The song has acoustic undertones and is about B.o.B rapping about hard times and Swift playing a lover, singing about being strong enough to pick them up out of their troubles. "I wish I was strong enough to lift not one, but both of us," she sings sweetly in the chorus.
Other highlights are the crazy duet with Nicki Minaj "Out of My Mind" and the soulful "Chandelier" which features newcomer Lauriana Mae. Also B.o.B unlike many rappers plays instruments on the record. He plays guitar in addition to others. This shows how talented he truly is.
Overall this album shows that B.o.B is here to stay and that he will only get better as his albums keep coming.
Below is a video of "Both of Us."

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