Monday, May 14, 2012

Karmin release debut, forgettable EP

Karmin have released their debut "studio album" which is actually only a seven song EP called Hello. The duo became big with their Youtube covers and their single "Crash Your Party" which for no reason at all is left off of their first proper release. That single is better than anything off of their first album and that is sad. The songs on this record aren't really bad songs, they're just not memorable. The first single "Brokenhearted" sounds like a Jessie J ripoff and the best song of the album, the title track is just repetitive enough to get stuck in your head.
The duo, which is made up of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan who also happen to be engaged have a good sound, the only issue is Heidemann and her needs to stop or at least take a backseat to her and Noonan's harmonies. She tries to pull a Nicki Minaj by kind of rapping and then screaming, but you are not Nicki Minaj.
The subject matter is also silly sounding. Songs like "Too Many Fish" and "I'm Just Sayin" are just stupid. The only redeeming quality of this group is that they sound good singing together and they make catchy music. And the fact that Nick Noonan is kind of cute, too cute. He seems kind of gay to be honest. Somebody should tell Heidemann or else she'll be "Brokenhearted." So Karmin, please stop making boring, recycled music and please put a little more effort into your record next time. Oh and seven songs is not an album.
Below is the video for "Brokenhearted."

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