Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stuff to get excited about, the May 2012 edition

There are lots of great albums to get excited about this month.

May 1

B.o.B-Strange Clouds
After releasing the first single and title track back in September the new album is finally out this month. The album features the single "So Good" and guest appearances by Nicki Minaj, Ryan Tedder and Taylor Swift. The song with Swift is rumoured to be the next single and with an A-List track listing this album is sure to be just as amazing as B.o.B's first album.

Santigold-Master of My Make-Believe
See the review of this album 2 posts down.

May 8

The duo who are known for their YouTube covers had a single "Crash Your Party" which was an amazing pop song, sadly the song isn't on their debut album. Their second single "Brokenhearted" is decent but it's just too similar to every other pop song out there. Hopefully the duo, who are engaged can break out from the pack with their debut.

Huntress-Spell EaterFemale fronted, bad-ass metal will never be the same after the released of the debut album by Huntress. The album features the single "Eight of Swords." This album is gonna be by the books heavy metal at it's finest...be excited.

May 15

Adam Lambert-Trespassing
With two okay singles, this album is not doing so well. After two failed singles and getting pushed back several times it's finally being unleashed in a few weeks. Lambert said that it's going to be more dance oriented than his last album which had a dance-rock sound. Hopefully the album is as good as 2009's For Your Entertainment...but don't get your hopes up.

Lisa Marie Presley-Storm & Grace
Rocker Lisa Marie Presley is unveiling her third album and boy is Elvis' daughter set to bring it. The lead single is called "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" and with a 60s inspired roots rock sound to it this album is sure to be as good as her first two were. This album is sure to be well worth the seven year wait that it took Presley to record this follow up.

Garbage-Not Your Kind of People
The fifth album by Garbage is going to great. The two singles "Blood For Poppies" and "Battle In Me" are just as good as any Garbage song from the 90s. This album is sure to make Garbage the comeback of the year.

Rye Rye-Go! Pop! Bang!
Rapper Rye Rye is signed to M.I.A.'s record label, who had a hit with "Never Will Be Mine" a song featuring Swedish pop singer Robyn that sampled her hit "Be Mine!" The song was overlooked by radio and the album got pushed back. The new single "Boom Boom" which samples the Vengaboys hit "Boom Boom Boom Boom" is out and it's one of the best hip hop singles of the year.

Cherri Bomb-This is the End of Control
All girl hard rock band Cherri Bomb are quite interesting. None of the members are above 16. The first single "Raw. Real." is well executed hard rock track with lots of passion and an in your face attitude. These young ladies are in for a long career.

May 22

The Bunny The Bear-The Stomach For It
Post-hardcore weirdos The Bunny The Bear are back with their new album. Their first record was released only a year ago but the band are already set to return with a new set of synthpop infused post-hardcore. The vocalists wear masks. The Bunny who does the screams wears a bunny mask and The Bear does clean vocals while wearing a bear mask. The band have a set of singles out called "Soul" and "Lonely." No matter what you think, this record will be interesting.

Sister Sin-Now and Forever
The female fronted old school metal band are back with their third record. Their first two albums were full of fun, catchy metal that just makes you want to dance, get drunk and get into fights. According to the band the single has been pushed back so hopefully this album sees the light of day and isn't pushed back as well.

Gossip-A Joyful Noise
The indie dance-punk band are back with their fifth record. Their last album Music For Men had a more dance sound and this album is sure to follow suit. The first single "Perfect World" isn't their best work but this album is still something to be excited about.

May 29

Regina Spektor-What We Saw From The Cheap Seats
Indie queen Regina Spektor is back with her sixth studio album. Her last record, 2009's Far was a very boring, piano filled affair that was simply not interesting to me. Yet with her first single "All The Rowboats" she's back to her weirdly interesting awesomeness. This album is sure to not disappoint.

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