Friday, May 18, 2012

Rye Rye releases clubtastic new album

Rapper Rye Rye has finally released her debut album, Go! Pop! Bang! The album proves that Rye Rye can roll with other female rappers. The songs are something between Nicki Minaj's crazy pop-rap and M.I.A.'s hipster, quirky style. From dance music tracks like "Hotter," "Dance" and "DNA" which features weird dance-rocker Porcelain Black. These songs and more are highlights.
The three best songs are the two singles "Boom Boom" and "Never Will Be Mine" featuring Robyn and the M.I.A. assisted "Better Than You."
"Boom Boom" is the album's third official single and features a sample of the 1999 hit "Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom" by Vengaboys. the song is a love song with very sexual lyrics. "You be Donald, I'll be Daisy. Gotta put in work, can't be lazy." Rye Rye raps over the club inspired beat. Even when her music is cheesy it's fun and irresistible.
"Never Will Be Mine" samples Robyn's hit "Be Mine!," taking the chorus and adding it to make a touching breakup song that doesn't seem to go with the rest of the album. It shows another side of Rye Rye, that she has feelings besides happy and horny. On the physical copy of the album the original version is missing in favor of a more dubstep inspired remix. Yet on the iTunes edition of the record, the original version is a bonus track. While the remix isn't as beautiful or as well put together as the original, it's still a decent song.
"Better Than You" features the song "Anything You Can Do" from the musical Annie Get Your Gun. The hip-hop song features M.I.A. and features the two MCs bragging about how great they are.
The only bad song on the record is "Crazy Bitch" which features Akon. The song features an acoustic hip-hop beat with lyrics about how crazy they are together. Who knows why people enlist Akon to do anything but this song is the only song that isn't great.
All in all Rye Rye will eventually become huge. There is no doubt in this blogger's mind about that. Get her new album and check it out for yourself. Below is her video for "Boom Boom."

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