Friday, May 4, 2012

In This Moment name new album Blood

It may have been over a month ago but today I found out that In This Moment have named their fourth record Blood. They performed a new song called "Blood," this is most likely going to be the new single. The video of the performance was decent quality. It sounds like any other of In This Moment's particularly angry songs. Front woman Maria Brink didn't sing at all during the performance so maybe it's going to be a song with no clean vocals like "The Gun Show" or "Blazin." The song sounds good but the title is simply uninspired. It sounds just like any other band trying to sound hardcore. The lyrics sound silly as well. "I hate you for..." is how Brink begins every line of the first verse, hardly imaginative. However, In This Moment have never had a bad record so here's hoping this record stays on that awesome path. Below is a video of the song "Blood" off of the album of the same name due sometime in the summer, rumor has it August.

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