Monday, May 21, 2012

Lisa Mare Presley, lots of grace and not much storm

Lisa Marie Presley will always be known more for being the ex-wife of Michael Jackson and Nicholas Cage and the only daughter of rock icon Elvis Presley than for her singing career. After releasing two solid albums in the pop-rock vein Presley has returned with her third album, Storm & Grace. The album is full of roots rock slow jams that are sure to be the soundtrack to any rainy day. While Presley's new album is very good, it won't do anything to get her famous for her music.
Her last album Now What, which came out seven years ago was a pop-rock masterpiece. The album featured sass and good lyrics and a few faster paced songs. This album doesn't have any rock influence at all. Highlights include the title track, a gorgeous love song to her husband, guitarist Michael Lockwood and "Un-Break." This song is a retrospective song about her past. "I got run over by my own parade," Presley sings in the chorus.
The album doesn't have a bad song but it also doesn't have too many songs that stand out from the rest and when the album is 11 to 15 songs long depend on whether you have the deluxe or regular edition, it gets to be a little bit too much. This album should wet the appetites of fans and hopefully lead to a more stellar fourth record. Below is a video of the song, "You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet," which serves as the first single.

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