Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Amaranthe shine on new single

I'm not familiar with Amaranthe at all, apparently they have had an album out. I heard their single "The Nexus" a few weeks ago. While I had never heard their stuff before. Amaranthe sound like a more metal version of Lacuna Coil or a more poppy version of System Divide or Deadlock.
"The Nexus" mixes in pop and metalcore with Nightwish influenced music. The band have a female clean vocalist Elize Ryd and two male vocalists. Jake E does clean vocals and Andreas Solveström  who does harsh vocals.
The song makes no sense lyrically, yet it is enjoyable to listen to. The band have been panned by metal music critics but I like them. I'm definitely going to check out their older music. This song is catchy, heavy and melodic. "The Nexus" is everything I like about metal combined. Amaranthe will release their sophomore album The Nexus in March. If this single is any indication I'm sure this will be a great will be a great record.

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