Thursday, February 28, 2013

Within the Ruins go hard on new album

Within the Ruins released their third album, Elite, this week. Their previous albums and EPs were all great, but this record is their best work yet. On their last album Invade they had the same sound, yet all of the songs tended to melt together. On Elite that isn't  the case. While none of the songs are as good as "Versus" or "Invade" off of their last album, the album as a whole is more cohesive and just better as a whole.
There are no slow songs in Within the Ruins entire discography and this album keeps going with that trend. Songs like "New Holy War," "The Charm" and the single "Feeding Frenzy" are all highlights and stick out. Lyrically the band stay along their lyrical path of other albums. The lyrics all touch on aggression in some context. "You're eating yourselves alive," front man Tim Goergen screams during the single "Feeding Frenzy."  Goergen's vocals are so strong on every song and even though this is only his second album with the band, his vocals have become a shining characteristic of the band's material.
While songs like "Solace" and "Elite" have lyrics that sometimes get to be a bit much, the instrumental tracks are where the band shine. Without Goergen to get in the way the band show what world class musicians they are and how much true talent they have. "Ataxia II" and "Dreamland" are instrumental, yet in no way uninteresting like lots of instrumental songs get.
All in all Within the Ruins show that they aren't going anywhere and they're etching a place for themselves on the heavy music landscape. The band aren't going anywhere, anytime soon.

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