Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chrisette Michele releases two new singles

Chrisette Michele released her first single and title track off of her fourth album, Better. The song was very similar to the soulful sound of her first three albums. This week Michele released her single "A Couple of Forevers," which serves as the third single.
The song is a beautiful, soulful lovers anthem. Michele shows her vulnerable side, asking to be with her lover forever. It's a cliché love song, like most R&B music and yet it works. works. The song is sure to keep fans happy until Better comes out on April 30. Hopefully her album isn't simply lovey dovey songs about being happy. Michele shines on breakup jams like "Be OK," "Epiphany (I'm Leaving), and "I'm a Star." While this song is great, it's not going to make Michele the next Beyoncé, but that isn't what she wants. Michele has always stayed true to herself and she does that on this song.
Michele's second single released last week is the grown and sexy "Charades" which features a weird guest appearance by 2 Chainz. The song is a sexy song in which Michele is talking about how she can see that her new lover is playing games. 2 Chainz surprisingly doesn't mess up the song like he usually does.
If these songs are any inclination of what Better will sound like, we're in for a treat folks.


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