Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Demi Lovato brings it on new single

Demi Lovato's third album Unbroken was the first time that the singer hit the mainstream. After two amazing, but overlooked, pop-rock albums aimed at the Disney crowd Lovato hit the top 40 hard with "Skyscraper" and "Give Your Heart a Break." Unbroken for the most part got rid of her rocker roots and had a more dance-pop and R&B influence. While the album was a change for Lovato it was a great record.
Yesterday Lovato released her single "Heart Attack" from her yet untitled fourth record. The song is an electropop song that features traces of acoustic rock. The single is catchy and fun, like most Lovato songs from all of her albums. The song is a personal song about falling in love and risking heartbreak. While that isn't the deepest of topics, Lovato does it so well.
Lovato's vocals are another thing to marvel at. She rocks it like a younger Kelly Clarkson. Lovato always touches her listeners with her emotional performance on each song. She could definitely make the alphabet sound emotional. This song is a great look of what is to come and if this is any indication Lovato's next album will be a great record.

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