Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tweet announces new EP

R&B singer Tweet rose to fame as Missy Elliott's protégé in 2002 with her phenomenal debut album, Southern Hummingbird. She had a hit single "Oops (Oh My)" which featured Missy Elliott and became a Top 40 hit. This was to be the only time Tweet was to reach the mainstream.
Her amazing sophomore album It's Me Again, featured a more soulful sound and while the single "Turn da Lights Off" which also featured Elliott went nowhere. Tweet dropped off of the world's stage, her third record Simply Tweet was pushed back for over four years.
Finally, this year, Tweet began to release songs for free download on her Soundcloud profile. While some of the songs weren't very memorable, they were Tweet and that's what matters. Last week on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages that her Simply Tweet EP will be released on February 26. This will a live recording of some of the songs off of the album that Tweet that her and her band performed for this EP. The first single is rumored to be called "Enough." The full album is coming out sometime this year. Hopefully these songs will get Tweet back into the spotlight.

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