Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Luna Mortis are reuniting

Metal band Luna Mortis are reuniting in 2013. The band released several albums under the name The Ottoman Empire. Then in 2009 they released their best album under their current name called The Absence. The band soon got dropped from Century Media Records and then in 2010 they called it quits.
 What made Luna Mortis amazing was their vocalist Mary Zimmer. Zimmer seamlessly goes from singing to screaming in no time at all. The band's catchy, aggressive sound featured touches of death metal, power metal, progressive metal and touches of thrash metal. The Absence was the best metal album at it's time of release and it still holds strong four years after it's release.
At the end of last year the band began posting things on Facebook and Twitter hinting at a reunion. Then yesterday the announcement came.
"Hey everyone! As many of you know, we've been contemplating what 2013 might bring for Luna Mortis. It's with great excitement to confirm that the band WILL be reuniting this year! Details are still forthcoming, though we're booking festivals, and all five members from 'The Absence' are discussing the possibilities. We want to thank you for all your continued support, especially during our extended hiatus - YOU are the reason this is happening! Have ideas for the reunion? Share them with us!"
The band seem to have definite plans to play together, it is unknown whether an album will come out. Here's hoping. Even if no album comes this is the best news for fans of great metal.


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