Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fall Out Boy end hiatus

In 2009, Fall Out Boy went on hiatus. Pete Wentz formed band, Black Cards, frontman Patrick Stump went solo, Joe Trohman played in The Damned and Andy Hurley played in several bands. None of them reached much success so here comes the reunion. The band shot down rumors of a new album and tour, then Monday announced they were playing shows this week and a tour and new album were coming. The ironically titled Save Rock and Roll is due for release on May 6. The first single "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)" was released at the same time this news came.
The single is nothing like any of Fall Out Boy's previous pop-punk songs. In fact it's got a hip-hop/R&B sound that would fit better on Stump's solo record than on a Fall Out Boy album. That being said, the song is catchy and kinda grows on you. At first I found it be stupid, but now it's growing on me. While I do find the band to be a tad overrated, their last two albums were amazing.
Pete Wentz writes the lyrics for the band's songs and this song is no different. The song seems to be a song about a breakup and since Wentz had a very public divorce from wife Ashlee Simpson, my guess is this song is about her. She had a ridiculous single last year called "Bat for a Heart." The song was an angry breakup song and I'm guessing this is Wentz's retaliation song. And Wentz is definitely better lyricist than Simpson so he's the winner.
Even though this song won't be saving rock and roll, it's a good comeback and hopefully it'll get the world thinking back to rock and roll, not this shitty dance music trend that is taking control of the radio.

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