Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Adam Lambert grows on new album

Adam Lambert released his new album Trespassing a few weeks ago. The album is a departure from his dancey pop-rock filled debut album. This album is best when Lambert is letting himself go on dance songs like the title track and the best song on the album "Cuckoo." "Walk that walk like you don’t give a fuck. You got a right to turn it up and get down," Lambert croons over the disco beat. The song, which also features a dubstep breakdown is all about letting loose and enjoying the day and not caring about what others think.
The album's only flaw is that many of the ballads aren't as strong as the faster songs. The only exceptions are the first single "Better Than I Know Myself" and "Outlaws of Love" which is about acceptance. The only song that isn't good is "Broken English." Everything from the title to the music just isn't good. This album shows that Lambert will only get better with each album he has. Below is a video of the song "Cuckoo."

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