Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Bunny The Bear stay weird on new LP

The Bunny The Bear released their new album a few weeks ago and it's the same brand of silly posts-hardcore that was on their first record. The Stomach For It take The Bunny's harsh vocals with the emotive clean vocals of The Bear.
The music is post-hardcore mixed with electropop. The end result leads to an enjoyable listen but there are a few changes the band could make to their music. Every song seems to be piano based, while the post-hardcore elements are layered onto each. The best songs "Pieces" and "Soul" are very pretty with The Bear singing.
The only issue I have with the bands albums is The Bunny's screaming. It isn't really screaming it's more scream-talking. In fact songs like "All Birds" are ruined by The Bunny's terrible screaming. His screaming shouldn't be cut out all together because that's what makes the band's music so interesting.
Despite the few changes the band needs to make their music is still enjoyable and if you like silly post-hardcore music this band is for you. Below is a video of their song "Soul."

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