Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Garbage release fifth album

On Not Your Kind of People, Garbage's fifth studio album and first record in seven years, the band have not strayed far from the electronica and grunge inspired alternative rock of their past efforts. The album has a few memorable songs but the rest of it sounds just like their other music and it all tends to blend together after awhile. Songs like "Automatic Systematic Habit" and the bonus track "The One" are just as catchy and great as any other song by the band but other songs like "Felt" and "Control" are only going to satisfy hardcore Garbage fans. While there are not classics like "Vow," "Special" or "Why Do You Love Me?" there are an album full of reasons to fall back into love with Garbage and be reminded why you did in the first place. Below is the video for the single "Blood for Poppies."

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