Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Synthetica, completely authentic

Indie Rock band Metric have released their fifth album, Synthetica and this album is anything but synthetic. Front woman Emily Haines brings every song to life with her amazing voice. From the album opener "Artificial Nocturne" which starts off quiet but packs a punch at the end to the final song, the album rarely disappoints.
The band's last album Fantasies was great, this album is on the same level. Songs like "The Void," "Lost Kitten" and the title track will be sure to keep the listener's attention. The title track is by far the best song on the record. While most of the album doesn't pack the same rock punch as their older music, this song has a more rock sound and tons of energy.
The album has it's weaker spots, like the closing songs "The Wanderlust" and "Nothing But Time" tend to drag on but the previous nine songs are so great it's hard to hold these two songs against Haines and company.
Below is the video for the first single, "Youth Without Youth."

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