Friday, June 8, 2012

Gossip step their game up on fifth album

Dance-rock band Gossip released their fifth album A Joyful Noise a few weeks ago and it is a step up from the awesome that was their last album, Music For Men. While both albums had a dance leaning as compared to their other more garage and indie rock the band are at their best on the fast dance numbers. Songs such as the new single "Move In The Right Direction" and "Get Lost" are about finding oneself after a breakup and are fast paced, where the band has it's strengths.
The two best songs on the record are "Get A Job" and "Casualties of War." "Get A Job" has frontwoman Beth Ditto singing to a friend and roommate about getting her act together and stopping her hard partying ways. "I'd love to stay and party, but I gotta go to work," Ditto chants with attitude over the synthed out melody. "Causalities of War" is a more acoustic oriented ballad in the vein of "Four Letter Word" the best song off of the band's last record and their best song ever.
One of the main things that make the band work is Ditto's soulful voice. The singer recalls Adele on certain songs on the record, despite her saying there's nothing in common.
All in all the band are moving "In The Right Direction" with this album and if they keep up on this path they'll soon be stars. Below is a video of the song "Get A Job."

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