Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In This Moment new single is a nice growth for the band

Metalcore kings and queen In This Moment have a new single coming out next week but it can already be heard online. "Blood," the first single and title track of the band fourth album was put head to head against another band's new song on a rock radio station's website.
"Blood" is nothing like the band's earlier singles or albums. The song is grimy and dirty and frontwoman Maria Brink tries to be both angry and sexy at the same time. Sadly the song is more creepy than Brink would have liked but it's still fantastic. "I'm a dirty, dirty girl," Brink screams during the chorus.
"Blood" also features the band's first foray into dun dun dunnnnnn, electronic music. The synths on the song are not a hindrance to the band. It shows that they are willing to grow. While many fans may call sellout for this since many bands are now doing this but I personally think that it shows that the band are so great that they can take a trend and follow it without making it seem like a desperate plea for attention.
While this single may not be In This Moment's defining song or the best thing they'll ever release it's still a great song that is a good intro to what is sure to be a great new album.
Below is a link to the webpage where "Blood" is currently streaming.

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