Friday, June 8, 2012

Hey Monday, yet not as good

Hey Monday went on hiatus at the end of last year and lead vocalist Cassadee Pope announced that she'd be going solo. Pope released her debut self-titled solo EP at the end of last month. The album featured four songs that sounded a lot like Hey Monday's last EP, 2010's Beneath It All.
The first song on the EP and single is called "Original Love." This is the best song on the record. It sounds like Hey Monday, so much that it doesn't sound like Pope had any originality to put into her own material.
The second song, "Secondhand Love" is decent, but forgettable. It's slower and it gets sort of boring. It's still an okay song though.
The third song "I Guess We're Cool" is a tad bit faster in the beginning before it slows down a bit. A good song, but still not as memorable as half the songs on Hey Monday's full-length.
The final song is called "Told You So." Anybody who has listened to pop-rock like The Veronicas, Kelly Clarkson or Ashlee Simpson has heard a song like this, and they've heard it done better. This song is once again okay but it's no "Candles" (Hey Monday's biggest single and slow jam).
This EP is good but Pope has done so much better with her band that it's hard to take seriously. Hopefully Hey Monday's hiatus doesn't last too long because if it does, the world will need to hear more half-assed EP's like this. Below is a video of "Original Love."

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