Friday, March 1, 2013

Tweet releases new EP

Tweet has been working on her third album, Simply Tweet, since her last album, the classic It's Me Again came out in 2005. The album took the simple soul of her debut Southern Hummingbird and grew it into a soulful sound full of emotion with a bit of hip hop swagger. A protégé of Missy Elliott, Tweet worked with her on her hit singles "Oops (Oh My)" and "Turn da Lights Off" as well as Elliott's classic albums Under Construction and The Cookbook.
Tweet finally announced a new EP called Simply Tweet: The EP. The EP is an intro followed by four songs off of her upcoming third album. The recordings were done live with her band and have a very soulful sound, like Tweet's older albums. While the songs are all good, they kind of blend together. The intro is kind of pointless and could have been cut. The album then goes to a cover of "Day Dreaming" by Aretha Franklin. Tweet's version is short and sweet and is almost as good as the original. The EP then goes on to "Way to Love," an upbeat, positive song about moving on from the past and going on the "way to love." This is a song for those who have had hard lives who are ready to move past that.
The next song "Sorry" is a song about moving on from a break up. The soulful song is all about strength. This song is very similar to the EP closer and first single "Enough." This is the best song on the EP and it recalls a song off of her debut. While the songs here are all good, they aren't great. There's no "Smoking Cigarettes," there's no "Steer," no song on the album that raises the bar. Tweet has always been original and full of soul and heart, yet this album is just staying in the box she made for herself on her last two albums. There is no change. The songs on this EP should not have taken eight years to write. Hopefully when the rest of Simply Tweet is released it's better than this.

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