Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bad Religion go hard on new album

Bad Religion released their sixteenth album last week and it's very much the same as most of their other albums. In punk rock it's hard to reinvent the sound. On True North, the band keep with their usual blend of punk and melodic hardcore. The songs are short and aggressive, much like their previous albums.
The title track and first song on the album is the best song on the record. Other highlights include "Robin Hood in Reverse" and "Dharma and the Bomb." While on the record it's hard to tell the songs apart, these songs in addition to the first single "Fuck You" stick out in the crowd of generic punk.
While the album doesn't break any new ground for Bad Religion it's still an amazing record. The passionate lyrics that the band is known for are part of that. "And trash piles high in the rubble we forgot/ The angels of our nature just sit and watch it rot," singer Greg Graffin croons on the melodic "Past is Dead."
While every song tends to sound the same they are all fast, aggressive and passionate. Also each chorus is catchy and makes you want to sing along at high volumes. That is what makes this album so great. Despite the fact that every song sounds the same, no songs are bad. It may have only been four weeks, but this is defiantly the best punk album of the year.

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