Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Used rerelease new album

The Used released their latest album Vulnerable in March 2012 and they've re-issued it last week creatively titled Vulnerable (II). While a few songs on the album ("Machine" and "Disaster") have already been released on the iTunes edition of the album the two new songs "The Lonely" and "Surrender" are both new. "The Lonely" is a soft song with gorgeous vocals and lyrics.
There are several remixes on the bonus disc. "I Come Alive (Revolvr and Danny Mihai remix)"  is dubstep as fuck and the remixes of "Hands and Faces" and "Put Me Out" are simply just there.
The album also features some acoustic renditions of the songs "I Come Alive," "Put Me Out" and "Together Burning Bright." These songs were also on the iTunes edition of the original release.
Although some of the songs are pointless and many of the "bonus" content was already available, the original album is still fucking sick. The Used always outdo themselves and Vulnerable is no exception. The Used can do no wrong and here's hoping that their next record is as great as this one is.

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