Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ke$ha rocks out on new album

Ke$ha's debut album Animal and her companion EP Cannibal were packed with epic party jams with a few gorgeous breakup ballads peppered in to give us both sides of partying. There's the fun side of partying and then there's the sad, crying, falling down side. Ke$ha shows us both sides. When Ke$ha began recording her sophomore album Warrior she wanted to have a "cock rock" sound. While that isn't really prevalent on most of the songs it is featured on a few of the rockers on the album.
Warrior is a great next step for Ke$ha. It opens with three of her classic club jams. The title track is a catchy ode to freaks everywhere. Then comes here singles "Die Young" and "C'mon." These songs are both about having fun at the club.
Next up is the best song on the album, "Thinking of You." Thinking of you is a loud, rocking breakup song with Ke$ha kissing off her ex. "I know I said I wouldn't talk about you publicly/ But that was before I caught you lying and cheating on me slut," she sings in the pre-chorus. The song talks about how Ke$ha thought about him so much but now she's famous and all over the radio and now he has to miss her.
The album goes into the thumping, yet acoustic "Crazy Kids." This song very much like "Warrior" in content. It features Ke$ha doing her signature rapping. "Wherever You Are" is a electropop love song, showing Ke$ha's vulnerable side. This doesn't last long as she goes into the filthy trashy rocker "Dirty Love" which features Iggy Pop. This punk rock number is all about doing the nasty.
Then the album hits a snag with the song "Wonderland." This cheesy ballad is all about her past experiences before being famous. She recalls friends and lovers from that time. The lyrics come off as very cheesy. That stops with the next song, "Only Wanna Dance With You." This rocker is about falling in love with somebody. It's a fun and fast song with great instrumentation played by The Strokes.
The album then hits another low with the song "Supernatural." This song is allegedly about having sex with a ghost but none of that is apparent and it just seems like a club song. The album then picks up with the closing songs. "All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)" is a fun song that showcases Ke$ha's dance side. While the lyrics get cheesy at points in the song the message of just enjoying life and having a good time is a good one. More people could use more positive songs like this. The album closes with the 80s pop ballad "Love into the Light." This song follows along with the theme of the last one. It's all about how as a people we need to bring love into the light.
The deluxe edition bonus tracks are great. She should have just made these songs as part of the standard disc. "Last Goodbye" is a touching song about looking back on a love gone wrong. Ke$ha clearly misses her lover and wishes that they were still together. It's like a sequel to "The Harold Song" from Cannibal. The next song is the silly and fun "Gold Trans Am." Ke$ha stated that the song is about her lady parts. "Wham, bam, thank you man/ Get inside my fuckin' gold Trans Am," She sings.
The next song "Out Alive" is enjoyable but forgettable. I'm still trying to remember anything about this song and I can't. The disc ends on a high point with "Past Lives." The song calls to mind early slow jams by Yeah Yeah Yeahs and was written solely by Ke$ha. It was produced by The Flaming Lips and features vocals by front man Wayne Coyne. The song features references to events through history that happened during their "past lives." The song features Ke$ha's best and most heartfelt lyrics to date. "Then we made it through the Ice Age/ But I lost you in the Crusades/ I built the pyramids for you babe/ Just to see your face," Ke$ha sings during the second verse.
This album is a huge step forward for Ke$ha. Hopefully on her next album she rocks out more.

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