Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Metal goes techno

In This Moment rereleased their fourth record Blood last month exclusively through Hot Topic. The album features a bonus disc of remixes and their cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Closer." Though marked on the package, this isn't on the rerelease.
The bonus disc has some great songs. Sluggo's remix of "Blood" is a great imagination of their hit single. The Mr. Kane remix of "Adrenalize" changes the entire feel of the song. It's got a more fun sound, while staying sexy. The bouncy Nikka Bling remix of "Whore" takes the original song and makes it sound new again. While none of these remixes outdoes the original song's greatness, they do help the listener see the music in a new way. The Mitch Marlow remix of "The Blood Legion" is the remix that stays closest to the original. There is some extra programming added but for the most part this song stays true to the original.
This rerelease isn't as great as when the band rereleased their second album The Dream. This rerelease should keep fans happy and it is sure to convert non-believers of the Blood album.

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