Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yeah Yeah Yeahs announce new album

Yeah Yeah Yeahs have finally announced the release of their fourth record Mosquito. The album will be out April 15 in Europe and the next day in North America. The album is also said to be a return of sorts to Yeah Yeah Yeahs old sound.
The band have stated that the album will feature some blues and psychedelic sounds, it will sound more like older Yeah Yeah Yeahs albums than the hot mess that was 2009's It's Blitz. That album featured a new wave/dance punk sound reminiscent of Blondie and The Sounds. While that sounds great, it didn't turn out well when set into action.
A video was posted on the band's Facebook featuring a snippet of a new song and a newly blond frontwoman Karen O. The single is yet to be released but it is rumored to be the title track which is about what else? Mosquitoes. The music sounds awesome and it really got me excited for this album. Hopefully the record delivers.

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