Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kelsey Chaos releases video for new single

Kelsey Merritt was a member of the pop-punk band Kelsey and the Chaos. The band was on the rise and then in 2010 the band broke up so Kelsey could go solo and make catchy pop anthems. While at first I was resistant to the new sound it's hard to not love Kelsey Chaos. She gave her debut EP away for free at Warped Tour and then finally released two songs off of it as the "I'm Single" single.
"I'm Single" and "It's a Stickup" showcase Kelsey's fun sound. Her songs aren't meant to be taken seriously yet there is still emotion behind her voice. This is especially true on her new single "In for the Kill." The dance-pop/rock anthem which is about another girl hitting on her boyfriend. Kelsey get's defensive of him. "You think you're something special/ you're just a stupid girl/ You think you're something special/ you're just a dirty hoe," Kelsey sings on the prechorus.
Kelsey has been playing Warped Tour and at gay clubs across the country in support of her new EP which is due out soon. If "In for the Kill" is any indication about what Kelsey can do, she's in for great things.

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