Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vanna stream new song, announce new album

Post-hardcore superstars Vanna have released the first single off of their fourth full length album, The Few And The Far Between. The single is called "Year of the Rat" and it follows the Vanna formula. This is the band's second full length and second album with current vocalist Davey Muise and the first with new clean vocalist Joel Pastuszak who takes the place of Evan Pharmakis.
The song is aggressive and catchy and everything that fans have come to expect from Vanna. The song, like most Vanna songs, goes from Muise's harsh verses and goes into Pastuszak's clean vocals on the chorus.
While the band are hardly inventing the wheel on this song, they do what they do so well that it's hard to fault them for essentially making the same album over and over again with few changes. With the inclusion of Muise, the band's music got a darker, heavier feel but it was still the same old Vanna. The lyrics of the song are basic Vanna. They are singing about the usual life struggles.
"Year of the Rat" is a great first single. The song is sure to be in fan's heads for months to come and it goes to show that Vanna aren't going anywhere. The Few And The Far Between will be released on March 19.

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