Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fefe Dobson quietly releases shelved second album

Fefe Dobson released her unreleased sophomore album Sunday Love a little over two weeks ago. The album which featured her singles "Don't Let it Go to Your Head" and "This is My Life" was originally intended to follow up her stellar 2003 self-titled debut in 2006. The album was pushed back several times before Dobson was dropped from her label on the day of the album's supposed release.
The Label dropped Dobson due to the album's grungy new sound. Dobson then went independent while her former label Island Records sold songs from her unreleased album to be covered by artists like Selena Gomez and the Scene and Jordin Sparks.
Eventually Dobson signed back with Island and they released her sophomore album Joy. The album was clearly meant to make her label happy due to it's mainstream sound and often childish lyrics. The album was a flop.
There is no mention on Dobson's Twitter feed, Facebook page or official website about the release. The album clearly won't go anywhere which is a shame because the album has some amazing songs. Catchy rockers like "The Initiator" or "Get You Off" could have been huge hits in 2006 when pop-rock was all the rage but now the album won't go anywhere. Dobson should get a new label so she can get the commercial success that she so clearly deserves.

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