Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Paramore change things up on new single

Paramore have released their first single off of their fourth self titled album. "Now" features a sound that can only be described as No Doubtesque. Haley Williams channels rock goddess Gwen Stefani. The song abandons the band's pop-punk and emo influences. In the opening seconds of "Now" traces of Karen O from Yeah Yeah Yeahs can be heard.
The lyrics of the song are some of the best that Paramore have ever written. "Lost the battle, win the war/ I'm bringing my sinking ship back to the shore/ We're starting over, or head back in/ There's a time and a place to die but this ain't it," Williams sings in the prechorus.
The song is better than most of the songs off of their Singles Club release. While their last album brand new eyes had some amazing songs, there was also a lot of filler. With the release of "Now" the band are setting the bar high for Paramore.

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