Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blake Lewis gets sexy on new single

Blake Lewis came in second place to Jordin Sparks on American Idol during season six, but that didn't stop him from bringing his mix of R&B, rock and pop on his 2007 debut album A.D.D. (Audio Day Dream). That album featured his singles "Break Anotha" and his best song ever "How Many Words." The album was a failure commercially but it was a great album.
When Lewis released his follow-up Heartbreak on Vinyl in 2009 he dropped what made his music so interesting and released a straight up dance record. While most of the songs bled together the title track and second single was the standout track. While it was better than many of the songs on his debut the rest of the album didn't live up.
In 2012 there were rumors that Lewis would be recording a new album. Then last month Lewis announced he had signed to Republic Records. He also released the first single off of his upcoming third album Portrait of a Chameleon, called "Your Touch." The song, which is featured in Internet Explorer 10 commercials, is a dubstep filled EDM song about wanting to be close to his lover. "I been waiting for your touch," Lewis sings seductively during the chorus. The single is catchy and seductive and a nice change from what Lewis usually does. This song is sure to get panties dropping in clubs all over.
The single is a good look at what Lewis' third album will be. There is so much promise in this four minute song. Portrait of a Chameleon is due out later this spring.

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