Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Paramore release fun single

Paramore released the second single off of their upcoming fourth self-titled studio album last week and it's a catchy, fun song. "Still Into You" is a poppy rocker about a long lasting love. "After all this time/ I'm still into you," frontwoman Haley Williams sings before the chorus.
The band started out in the emo/pop-punk vein for their first two classic albums, 2005's All We Know Is Falling and their breakthrough album 2007's Riot!. Those albums had some of Paramore's best songs like the singles "Emergency" and "Misery Business." Their sophomore album gained them Top 40 success and got them a platinum status.
The band took a few years to make their follow up, 2009's brand new eyes. They filled the space before that album with their terrible single "Decode" which was featured in the Twilight movie. The band's third record featured a more alternative rock approach and had the band's best song "Brick By Boring Brick." After this record founding memebers Zac and Josh Farro left the band. The band then recorded their Singles Club EP which was only available online or as a box set through the band's website. The songs on the EP were the first without the Farro brothers and showed that the band could move on without them.
Then in 2012 the band announced their new album and in January they unleashed their single "Now." While "Now" is a great song, it is no match for "Still Into You." The song is a bouncy ode to love and surviving the tough times during a relationship. The lyrics, while cheesy. are very heartfelt and show Williams' signature passionate writing style.
The single, like "Now" is sure to get fans excited for the new album. "Still Into You" is one of Paramore's first happy songs and while Williams usually writes about breaking up, this song is about outlasting the odds and being together.
"I should be over all the butterflies/ I'm into you," Williams sings during the chorus. This song is a testament to the power of love and Williams seems right at home. Hopefully this album will have more peppy and positive songs.
Paramore is set to be released on April 9 in the United States.

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