Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sheryl Crow Releases First Country Single

Sheryl Crow has released some classic rock songs like "Love is Free," "Strong Enough," and her best song "My Favorite Mistake." Yet on her last album, 2010's boring 100 Miles from Memphis, had a more soulful sound. Last week Crow released her first country single "Easy" from her yet-to-be-titled eighth album.
"Easy" is a simple, feel good, country love song. The lyrics and music aren't complicated but the sunny single takes the listener somewhere with each note and lyric. While the single is nothing like her previous hits, it sure beats her last album and the Lite FM sound she's had as of late. While one of her best records was Detours from 2008, most of her songs post 2000 were just there, mom rock songs. "Easy" may not be Crow's opus but it shows that she isn't a one trick pony and if this album turns out great, Crow may have found her new home in the world of country.

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